ITIL – Preparing for Examination

“For those of you who are preparing for, or are currently considering taking an ITIL exam, we have brought together the various resources that you may need. This steps will guide you through choosing the right course, finding the option for study, through to introducing you to the supporting publications on the market.”

Becoming certified

To become an ITIL certified professional, we have first consult an Accredited Examination Institute.

It is very important to know what is the available Examination Institutes and if these institutes are properly accredited within APMG (the official body for ITIL and other good practices frameworks certifications exams). When you were apply to an ITIL exam is still necessary to know what institutes is available surround your living are.

The exam is performed in one of these accredited examination institutes in a controlled environment.

Then, you have to speak to an Accredited Training Organization to inform yourself about the available courses.

If you need trainng sessions to improve your skills, the right choice is look for an Accredite Training Organization. This way you will know that the training material is official and the training oganization will providing you with the proper syllabus of your course.

Choosing your exam

With the first step above you will know what exam should you take. If you have any doubts about it, you always download a syllabus of the course of your choice. Additionally, you can consult the ITIL Qualifications area.

Below you have the ITIL Qualification Scheme:

Additional resources you can use

To take any of the ITIL exams, maybe you’ll like to know the literature available for your exam. So you can consult all the sort of available ITIL Publications.

Besides, you can find a lot of General ITIL information, and most of the exams are available in more than 20 languages.

Self Assessment

Once you think you are prepared for the exam, you can test yourself. For ITIL Foundation, there is a Foundation Sample Paper, with questions very similar as the official exam questions.

Carlos F Ferreira, ITIL Expert